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200 % extra bookings – when we switched to Onlinebooq

My old booking system was not ideal so clients preferred to call rather than book online. Onlinebooq has optimised my business. I guess we now have twice as many clients booking online than before. Onlinebooq is faultless. The supporters are extremely helpful – and they are more than willing to refine the system. I need look no further! I run GodKrop, a massage and wellness clinic. Switching to a faultless booking system is worth more than gold to me!

Rasmus Ramskov Rasmus Ramskov, GodKrop.dk

Makes my work easier

Onlinebooq makes my day-to-day work easier. I like automatic functions, such as the SMS and e-mail reminders. Great service and an open dialogue regarding system add-ons.

Michael Eis Michael Eis, Kropsterapeut

A system that is here to stay

I have used Onlinebooq for some time. I believe this system is better and simpler for my customers to use than the system I previously used. Immediate support is also a major benefit. They are always on hand if I have questions. The Onlinebooq product is consistently updated. The system is developing all the time and, as business owner, you decide if you wish to make use of the new functions.

Jakob Rex Jakob Rex, Fotograf

Easy to use and easy to learn

Some of my customers have said that they became customers here because I have Onlinebooq, as they found the system easy to use and easy to learn. Even people who are not accustomed to using a PC find it easy to make an appointment. I am so pleased that I can come into contact with my customers so easily.

Marianne Elkrog Marianne Elkrog, Frisør

Onlinebooq is the easiest scheduling tool on the net

I tried out several scheduling tools on the internet. Onlinebooq is easy and you get off the ground fast. I ran the demo first and by the time I had finished setting up my user interface, only 10 minutes had passed. My customers are extremely satisfied with Onlinebooq because they do not have to remember codes and stuff. They visit the page at home or at work, and make bookings – fast and easy. It’s so easy that even my most senior patients are now booking online.

Ole Petersen Ole Petersen, OP Massage

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