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Your calendar is key to both Onlinebooq and your business. Onlinebooq gives you an overview of appointments, days and hours of opening and precisely when you can fit in extra customer.

Contemporary calendar design with display options. You have access to your calendar everywhere – as long as you have access to the internet.

  • Appointments overview
  • Week or day at-a-glance
  • Fast access to customers/appointments
  • Notification on new appointments

Caledar on your phone

Employees and company owners like to have constant access to their schedule for the day. You can see and edit your schedule, e.g. appointments and customer data, from your phone.

The system is compatible with all types of smart phone. You can use it whether you own an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or any other smart device. You access the system via the phone’s browser and, as with any other app, you can choose to add a shortcut icon to your home screen.

  • iOS (iPad / iPhone)
  • Android
  • Web-based app

Customer database

Onlinebooq gathers your customer data in one place. In future, you will be well-prepared for every appointment as you can easily access customers’ particulars and your notes.

If you need to take notes about your customers, Onlinebooq also helps you there. The system contains an encrypted journal, in which you can store texts, files and images. Use user access codes to determine who has access to the journal.

  • Journal
  • Folders / Images
  • Prepaid vouchers
  • Flexible data fields

Booking page

Onlinebooq is a professional booking system. Your customers can pick and choose. They find the day and time that suits them best and you avoid having to stop work to take a call.

You can choose from a range of settings and colour schemes, and can personalise your booking page with texts, Google Maps, links to the social media and your own company logo/image.

  • Professional design
  • Choice of layouts
  • Online payment
  • Own logo/image
  • Links to the social media
  • Map (Google Maps)

Booking page on phone

Many people use a smart phone or tablet to book appointments. As a matter of course, we offer a solution that allows your customers to access Onlinebooq from a mobile device.

Whether your customers use iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or another type of smart device, they can use the mobile version of Onlinebooq. The booking page adjusts automatically to the screen size.

  • Responsive design
  • All platforms(iPhone, Android, etc.)


Avoid losing customer revenue. Minimise no-shows. Onlinebooq automatically reminds customers of their appointment in an e-mail and SMS notification.

To add a personal tone of voice, and you can modify the reminder text in the e-mail or SMS notification. You can also choose to give your own name or number as the sender of SMS notifications. This means that your customers respond directly to you if you are on a mobile phone.

  • E-mail reminder
  • SMS reminder
  • You determine the send date and time


Automate your communication with customers. Send e.g. receipts, reminders, follow-ups, birthday greetings and newsletters in an e-mail or SMS notification.

In the template and notification system, you can modify the content of notifications and the send settings. You decide which notifications to send, when and in which format (e-mail/SMS). Using the versatile template and settings system, you can send various notifications, depending e.g. on the calendar or type of appointment.

  • Templates
  • Automatic notifications
  • Newsletter
  • Reminders
  • Follow-up on appointment
  • Birthday greetings

Personal data protection (GDPR)

We have a professional approach to personal data protection and security. We take regular backups of our data. You access Onlinebooq via SSL encryption, i.e. the same technology as is used in online banking and when you pay online using a credit card.

When you are an Onlinebooq customer, you sign a data processor agreement. This is a mandatory GDPR requirement. To help you to meet GDPR requirements, Onlinebooq helps you obtain a declaration of consent from customers and offers simple deletion of passive customers.

  • GDPR
  • Declaration of consent module
  • Professional hosting
  • Encryption

Statistics / Reports

The system contains reports that allow you to keep track of KPIs.

For example, using the reports function, you can track the number of appointments per calendar and period, keep a watchful eye on no-shows, and compose a turnover report.

  • No. of appointments
  • No. of hours
  • Revenue (invoice)
  • No-shows


Choose from our range of additional functionalities, modules and integrations.

If, for example, you need to send invoices to customers, our invoicing module makes it easy for you to create and send invoices. Use the invoice design function to adapt the layout with text and logo.

  • Invoicing
  • Prepaid vouchers
  • Maximum workload
  • Declaration of consent (GDPR)
  • MailChimp
  • iCalendar