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Makes life easier

Onlinebooq makes life easier. The system keeps track of your calendar, appointments, orders, customers, notes, etc.

The system everyone can use

The system is suitable for use in any branch of industry. We can help you whether you are a hairdresser, masseur, therapist, coach... whatever.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy as ABC
  • SMS reminders
  • E-mail reminders
  • No initial investment
Onlinebooq - a simple solution to appointment scheduling

Onlinebooq is the easiest scheduling tool on the net

I tried out several scheduling tools on the internet. Onlinebooq is easy and you get off the ground fast. I ran the demo first and by the time I had finished setting up my user interface, only 10 minutes had passed. My customers are extremely satisfied with Onlinebooq because they do not have to remember codes and stuff. They visit the page at home or at work, and make bookings – fast and easy. It’s so easy that even my most senior patients are now booking online.

Ole Petersen Ole Petersen, OP Massage
Online booking

Easy to use

Whether you have a website or not, you can give your customers the chance to make an appointment on the internet – within minutes!

Open all hours

Your customers can pick and choose. They find the day and time that suits them best and you avoid having to stop work to take a call.

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