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Online appointment scheduling for your business

Online calendar with many features

Your calendar is the heart of both Onlinebooq and your business. With the easy to understand and very user friendly interface you'll always have control of your schedule. Very easy to see your appointments, business hours etc.

Maintain you calendar from everywhere - all you need is internet access.

For each calendar you need you'll setup the opening hours for when the customers are allowed to book their appointments. The white background shows your available time and your appointments will be either green or blue - depending on whether you or the customer have created it.

To create a new appointment just point the mouse at the desired time and double click. Enter which service to book and either create a customer or find an existing from your customer database.

It is super easy to reschedule an appointment within Onlinebooq. If the time is within the same week just drag n' drop the appointment to the new desired time. If the new time is in another week just use the "move appointment" function from the info box that appears when hovering the appointment. You can also increase/decrease the duration of the appointment with the mouse. All as expected from a modern user interface.

There are different views available of the calendar. If you need more than one calendar you can benefit from viewing them side by side. In this view you can even move appointments between calendars just by using drag n' drop. So easy to administrate multiple calendars.