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Included with your Onlinebooq account follows a free and very professional looking website to let your customers book online. If you already have a website you can either link to your booking site at Onlinebooq or integrate it directly on your own site using our widget.

Read on to see an example from a nail salon.

First the customer has to choose the right service. Each service is listed with name, description, price and duration. The services can be categorized for easier navigation and you can even allow the customers to book multiple services for the same appointment.

After choosing the service a list of available staff/calendars is shown. Should there be multiple persons available for the selected service, the customer can either choose one of them or see available times for all om them. You can add a picture for each calendar. If you are running a one-person business this step will be hidden.

Based on the selected service and calendar in step 1 and 2 the system can now present all available times for the customer. A calendar displays available dates in green and clicking a date displays the times for that day.

The customer enters contact information. Returning customers are recognized by either phone or email. No login, username or password to remember - just email or phone. You decide how much information you need about your customers - address, gender, birthday etc.

Final step is to confirm the appointment. On this screen the customer can enter a note or message regarding the appointment. If you have some terms that you need your customers to accept, they can be presented with a mandatory check box at this step as well.

The appointment is now in your calendar. The customer receives a receipt by mail and you can have the system notify you by email and/or text message (SMS) about the booking.