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Online appointment scheduling for your business

Online calendar and booking solution

Onlinebooq gives you and your company a professional booking system that both you and your customers will love.
Turn visitors from your website, Facebook page, email newsletters or blog into appointments in your schedule.
Onlinebooq keeps your business open and available for new appointments around the clock.

Calendar. The heart and soul of your business. For you to succeed it must be filled with appointments and that is exactly what Onlinebooq will help you do. The modern interface makes it very easy to create, edit or and move appointments. Different colors makes it simple to see your opening hours, scheduled appointments and where to book that next customer. Read more...

Online booking With Onlinebooq follows a free website to accept your bookings. If you already have a website, then all you need to do is add the "Online booking" button or a link and you are ready to accept new appointments. Read more...

Customer database. Create better relations with your customers. Write down notes after each appointment and gain a quick overview over past appointments. Show up for each appointment well prepared. You can also use the customer database to send out news and special offers - targeted and effective marketing.

Reminders. Avoid missed appointments and thereby profit loss. Onlinebooq automatically sends out an email reminder the day before an appointment and a SMS reminder a few hours before. You can choose the wording of the reminders yourself.

Security. Onlinebooq has been designed to make sure that customer data is only accessible for you and your employees. Your data is stored in a professional data centre and daily back-ups are taken of the entire system. We make it a priority always to keep the system running and the calendars available.